5 Easy and Effective Ways Of Cleaning Skirting Boards

Ever cleaned your house so bad but someone said it's not perfectly clean? You forgot the skirting boards, didn't you?

Yeah, it can be a bit exhausting to your knees especially in order to make those almost invisible baseboards clean. It can be frustrating too.

What if you were given easy ways you can clean your baseboards in order for you to choose the most convenient for yourself? And so you can go around preaching the tactic to your frustrated friends too. Sounds great?

Good. Let's dig in!

  1. White vinegar plus water
  2. Is there anything that white vinegar doesn't clean? If there is, at least the baseboards can be worked on with this magic.

    Mix a few cups of white vinegar with warm water.

    Take a sponge or soft cloth and wipe the surface. That's all but it does a great job.

  3. All-purpose cleaner and paper towel
  4. With your all-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle, spray the baseboard surface or the paper towel. Wipe the baseboard till clean. This could use a lot of paper towels but it's worth a try.

  5. Vacuum Cleaner
  6. Sometimes you feel too tired or lazy to be on your knees but the baseboards are dirty. Simply use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment that will work on the tiny spaces and corers.

  7. Wet wipes
  8. Feeling lazy much? Grab a few wet wipes and clean the baseboards really quick. They'll be many used but you'll have accomplished your task.

  9. Steam Cleaner
  10. You know how powerful steam can be in removing dirt right? Grab your steam cleaner and make tour baseboards shine.

  11. Wrap up
  12. When cleaning skirting boards, it is important to just use mildly wet material. This is to prevent smudges and wetting paint.